How do I pay for my order?!?!

OK! So we all know SARMS and Prohormones are a HUGE pain in the a** to process! Websites will constantly have their payment processing shut down and the site will resort to all kinds of different methods to pay for these hard to process items. Here at Combat Labz we are ALLLLLLL too familiar with this issue. Luckily after a few years in the business and a lot of hard work we are always improving upon the process so our customers can feel safe and secure purchasing their products from us! 

So the biggest question in the room here is always “It is safe?” The answer is an astounding YES. We have no interest in committing any sort of fraud or illegal activity. To us, that’s a very short sighted business model. Setting up all these sites, payment methods, branding, etc are all very time consuming and difficult processes. So, we have ZERO interest in losing the confidence of our consumers or business relationships. We have only one thing in our minds, getting your top quality product as quickly, safely, and securely as possible! 

Zelle- This is one of the easiest options. If you have a Zelle account or your bank participates in Zelle all you have to do is sign up and link your account. Then at checkout, choose Zelle and after you submit your order, send the payment to the corresponding account that is given in the instructions after checkout! Just like the options below DO NOT PUT ANY REFERENCES TO SARMS, COMBAT LABZ, ORDER NUMBERS ETC!!! This will get accounts shut down and you can be banned from using their services in the future.

Bitcoin- This option is honestly the wave of the future and will be more and more utilized across the board. If you are regularly purchasing harder to find items online, we highly suggest you get a Bitpay, Open node, or any other BTC enabled payment profile. Even Pay Pal and Square will soon be collecting payments via BTC. Its safe, secure, and is not going to be going anywhere!

The other options are always rotating. These options include Cash App. Venmo, Google/Apple Pay, etc. These will rotate out and you can link your card to these payments but they can also get shut down if people put references to sarms, prohormones, or Combat Labz in the notes. DO NOT DO THIS. Even if you are not purchasing these items from us. It will get their account shut down and more than likely yours as well. Getting new accounts is not easy and sometimes this includes a lifetime ban. So don’t put anything in the note!!! 

If you run into any issues, be sure to contact us at: